Program of the NCHEP99 Workshop
Wednesday 13.10.1999 Thursday 14.10.1999


Friday 15.10.1999


Talks available on the web

Silvia Tentindo-Repond  -  Search for leptoquarks using neural networks in the D0 experiment

Grzegorz Wrochna  -  Trigger of the CMS experiment at LHC

Joao Varela  -  Triggering with modular neural networks

Anatoli Sokolov  -  Application of neural computing in off-line analysis in high energy physics

Jose M. de Seixas  -  Neural triggering processors

Francisco Matorras  -  Analysis of tau exclusive branching ratios using neural networks with the DELPHI detector at LEP

Saul Gonzalez  -  The Atlas Trigger System


Thu Oct 7 15:05:10 "IST 1999